British comedian Paul Taylor talks us tongue in cheek through 'La Bise'!

British comedian Paul Taylor talks us tongue in cheek through ‘La Bise’!

I also agree about the swearing. Much better without it

It is so true! I really enjoy this video !

What about in the family gatherings? Not to forget that ;-) My husband's family consists of 7 family members all together and when we visit them I must kiss each of them for good morning and good night everyday. I find it so funny to see all of us ( 11 members with my own family ) to kiss each other twice per day. I can't stand all this kissing :-)

Loved the video,I think I'll go and see their show. I can't stand kissing everyone,its just not in my mind to do it, so I often don't,and in a restaurant when I get up to go I just wave au revoir. Can't be fussed going round everyone. Some of my french friends find it ridicolous too.

With you on the swearing. Just not funny at all!

I enjoyed that apart from the repetitive swearing. An experience that sticks in my mind is when I was teaching. With each late arrival everything stopped for la bise.

C'est vrai. Even when there is a committee meeting (maybe 20 people) you have to do it. When you realise that you as a Brit turn up maybe 5 minutes early and then the 19 French start arriving with an increasing amount of lateness and they still do the ritual so the actual business starts maybe half and hour late every time. Another very annoying thing (but unrelated) is that they just reduced the opening hours of the decheterie to save money. This includes the extraordinary fact that now instead of opening on the hour and closing on the hour like most businesses the gates only open 5 minutes late or close five minutes early to allow the lazy bar steward to amble over at his own pace!