British Food Shopping in France

Hi All,

I just read about the British Corner Shop, which I found very interesting and a very useful service for festive times of the year, when we all get a bit nostalgic. It reminded me that, to my great surprise, the Intermarche here in Mazamet has a British section and it contains many of the usual items such as Heinz baked beans, Yorkshire Tea, Roses Lime Marmalade, Marmite and many others.

Now, as an Aussie, I am not quite so attracted to these things but they do have a place in Aussie cuisine, and they are quite familiar to me. I am definitely going to support Intermarche.

On the other hand, we Aussies prefer oysters, prawns and crayfish for Christmas dinner and the Lions Club Christmas cakes and puddings are irresistible to us, so there will be not much need for me to trot down to Intermarche in the minus 2 degrees that they are promising us.


I agree that prices are a concern, and I wouldn't be paying five time for anything, but there is one important difference: We are Australian and our incomes are Australian dollars. When we go to the UK, we see retail prices which are nearly double what they are back home, PLUS the pound is worth double our dollar, so we are already paying nearly four times.

The convenience counts sometimes.


Yes all the supermarkets have some sort of 'British' section but no way Im paying the prices which couyld be 5x the amount!

Once a year before Christmas (we love our British Christmas traditions!) we have a UK supermarket shop delivered to BlightyShop who then bring it over to UK. Everything is significantly cheaper than buying it here even when you factor in exchange rates and the BlightyShop charge!