British Foods

I would just like to mention that if you live somewhere within commute distance of Montpellier, The English Corner Shop offers you most popular British foods all year long! In Lyon, you might consider visiting "Little Britains", "Coopers" located near the Spanish Border, and "Thomas Green's" in Lille, "Little Britain's" in Valbonne (Cote d'Azure) are also independent operations more than willing to offer you specialised services and products. Support your local shops! We can only survive with your good will.

Chuck Fowler

there is an English Shop in Condom, we popped in on the way back from the coast in the summer and it was if you are passing, or live near, I thoroughly recommend it. Only wish we lived nearer - all those things you just can't get here that I miss, now and again.....! I phoned a friend whilst in there and bought heaps of things for her, the woman was very happy by the time I paid her.......

I can vouch for Little Britain in Lyon, great shop and the man that runs it will always help you and get stuff in !!

Just in case anyone needs the shop's details, it is called Churchills and their website is at I know the owner, Tracy, and she is as lovely and helpful as you could hope for

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As I’m currently having a bacon sarnie with HP sauce craving, I wondered if anyone had any other recommendations for local British shops?