British passport wife/Irish passport husband

It was reported in the travel section of The Times that the British passport holding wife of an Irish passport holding husband would not be subject to the 90/180 day rule when travelling with her husband, the days would only be counted when she travelled alone.
Can anyone validate this as it sounds a little unlikely to me.

. It would benefit me travelling with my dual nationality wife. It does sound too good to be true

I don’t think this is correct. The rules are the same if you are just holidaying and you do need to stick to the 90/180 in the whole Shengen zone. It is REALLY important to do this as penalties are up to a 5 year ban! And from early next year there is electronic passport tagging coming in so they WILL know!

However if you decide to move here (ie spend more than 183 days / year here) then the UK passport holder needs to go with the EU passport holder within the first 90 days of arrival and ask for a CDS as the spouse of an EU citizen. This is done directly with the local prefecture.


Sound like twaddle to me Jayne. One travels in one’s own right now not as an adjunct of another, like wives and kiddies years ago :roll_eyes:. I remember having my daughter on my passport and, I suspect, I could have my wife on it as well - how things have changed for the better.

I thought a dutiful wife would follow 3 paces behind.

(runs away and hides…)

I know my place Mat :crazy_face:

From this French government website Brexit

Edit: The quote below from the link states…

"British spouses of an EU national, wishing to settle or stay for more than 90 days in France (at the same time as their spouse or to join him), will be exempt from visa for establishment (in application of the European directive n ° 2004/38*)