British TV through Filmon

Does anyone know why the Filmon website is no longer offering the British TV chanels?

We have been using Tunnel Bear instead of Expatshield and found it really reliable. You do get so much free and then it is paid for but so far it has been great and doesn't seem to mess with your computer like Expatshield does.

It is all going to get more complicated in June when they say we will have to have bigger satellite dishes to receive UK tv signals - that should be fun.

Step in the right direction

Filmon have BBC1 and ITV1 back, apparently the EU ruling limits them but not entirely prohibits them from having the various national networks. Whatever, it has taken over 90% of UK channels away and the German and Italian ones we used entirely for the moment.

Irene, it runs like silk for months, then it gets you when not expected. I had no idea what was going on and it took days to sort out, thanks Computer Corner guidance.

Ooh really: Better get rid of it then. Now you're going to tell me it's impossible to get rid of aren't you?

Thanks fro the heads up though Brian.

Noooooooooooooooooooo! Expatshield kills software, slows everything down, it jams graphics programmes, RealPlayer and who knows what else. Sure, it allows TV online smoothly at the cost of all else. It is a disaster. We have discussed that quite often on here. Other people Like Sheila Walshe-Blackmore and Brian English will tell you the same and perhaps more.

Thanks Bernadette and Irene. Both pieces of advice are most useful - I'm now up and running.

Expatshield. There is a popup on BBC live tv feed (you have to go into the actual tv company sites to access the programs) but if you put the cursor in the top left hand side of the screen it disappears after a few seconds.

Hi Bernadette, which programme did you download from this site please? There seem to be a few popping up on the page I'm directed to. Thanks

Sounds like a fair enough reason :wink:

We have just downloaded - it's working a treat and you can watch all of the iplayers

Came as surprise. Took a look and saw the same as Bernadette. I had a go via a proxy UK address but it is 'intelligent' and no more UK TV.

Thanks Bernadette.

Just looked it up and they say:

There will be some changes to the service starting today:

The only UK channels to be broadcast will be BBC1 and BBC Northern Ireland, ITV, Channel4 and Channel5. These will ONLY be available to view within the UK!

The same restrictions will be applied to German and Italian channels - these channels will only be available within their respective countries.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to carry these channels -- Kindest regards, FilmOn Support Team

Guess we are going to have to sort out the satellite dish, have been putting it off for months !