Britline - Anyone used?

Hi Stevie,

You can only open an account with La Poste online if you already have a French bank account. If you do already have one, then , yes you can do it online. I haven’t tried it as we didn’t have a French account and so had to do it in person.
We are probably switching banks this year as we’ve not been happy with the very, very inattentive bank manager we have and their pretty rubbish online banking portal. They do have the lowest rates but offer a budget service in response.

Bon chance,
Mo :slight_smile:

HI Rodd,
Welcome to France :grin:
We have been with La Poste for two years, attracted by their low rates and lots of branches. However, we are thinking of switching to Britline too this year. La P do have the lowest rates but offer a budget service in terms of their pretty poor online banking portal, which has recently been improved but is still lacking. To give you an idea, the portal only provides a running balance, so you can’t examine segments of transactions without getting the calculator out. You can’t individual entries or search them. They only display transactions up to the last six months and you can’t even request anything older. Finally, our agent is rude, unhelpful and has NEVER answered a single email and has only ever returned one phone call. Despite only ever speaking French with him and doing all the leg work ourselves.

We have our complimentary health insurance with Britline, they were €15/ month more expensive than the cheapest alternative (MAFF), but it was a dream to organise over the phone in English and they said to call anytime with any health queries, which is very reassuring.

I will check out the other info about Britline on this site too.

Bon chance and I hope you are very, very happy in your new home,
Mo xx

Mo, thanks: it’s always helpful to have someone with actual experience of a service.

I imagine who is your manager/agent varies with location, and also that your manager/agent isn’t actually based at your branche of La Poste: would I be correct?

We do all of our banking online at the moment (or by phone/post) so what you say about the poor portal is very useful.

You are right about individual managers, not the main reason we left CA but a strong factor was the total lack of help or even politeness of the local one. In 15 years of knowing him he would not even nod if passing in the street, and he told fibs as well, like lying about the presence of a regional rep which I had seen was in the back office and who’ cost us quite a tidy sum with broken promises.

As far as La Poste is concerned, although I rarely use the online service, I have not had any problems with it.

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Been using Britline for 4+ years having signed up at a London-based French Property Exhibition. For daily banking they’ve been great. I agree it’s probably worth shopping around when you’re dealing with large sums but CA BL staff are polite and British. So if you have a problem, explaining in French is never an issue. In January I upgraded to a Visa card rather than their standard MasterCard, just because the restrictions on daily drawings were much better. Then came covid!!! I also found their Normandy based rep lived 100 yds from us in Dorset so must be nice

Blimey, do you mean he commuted? :astonished:

Nope, which is why I said [she] “lived” :sweat_smile: But if she does commute I wonder if she’'ll courier some wine over for me? Now a Bank that does that really would be worth dealing with :champagne:

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My CA manager is fabulous, we tutoyer and do the bises! She is young, nice, enthusiastic etc.

A couple of references for you…

Hope not at the moment!

I wonder if it will ever come back as a habit??

Thank you Graham, I will have a look, but I have just seen the dreaded word ‘app’. Does that mean a smartphone is needed, or can it be done on a computer?

as matters currently stand with Revolut, yes although there is talk of them developing a web app to use in a browser.

You may be trying to hold back the tide there. Not all smartphones are bad, not all Apps are bad - they can be very helpful indeed.

No tide to hold back Mat, I don’t need or want anything in the phone line that does any more than send and receive calls or texts.

I am not a Luddite, I do have a GPS, mainly for the scrolling map though, a dashcam for insurance which has proved very useful in the past and a camcorder and camera to provide interesting reminders of my journeys. But I do not need a contract to replace the internet on the road that I gave up years ago when the last laptop packed in. :wink: :laughing: