Britons told not to stockpile food ahead of January

Honestly, this is so dumb - because there is nothing more likely to make everyone panic buy than the national broadcaster telling them not to.


Yes, it’s the old Bunter line “it wasn’t me that ate the cake” when nobody even knew the cake had been eaten.

… or lawyer to defendant in wife assault case “when did you stop beating your wife?” :grin:

That aside, as a «coastal» nation with a win over the EU on fishing rights, should they be saying to Doris « so long and thanks for all the fish »…

They like fish :wink:

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It isn’t as if there is any excuse needed - the slightest whiff of a “potential”, “maybe”, “yes but”, perceived crisis drives shoppers like lemmings to empty the shelves of things they probably could do without, or with less of, if they were at all rational and considerate of others.

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I bet the toilet rolls go first. It’s always the toilet rolls in the UK.
(Maybe they’re shitting themselves?)


Well it is Brexshit is it not?

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Well they are like lemmings, they voted to jump over the cliff.
(Just being metaphorical, I know that has now been disproved).
No lemmings were hurt during the typing of this post.

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That’s because they don’t buy daily papers anymore.

These politicians don’t understand that if you tell people not to do something. - then that’s exactly what they do do !


It’s all the doo-doo that gives rise to the popular call on toilet paper, surely?

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There’s not a lot of scope for panic buying just now. There’s been empty shelves and stock shortages in UK supermarkets since at least the summer, and things haven’t been getting any better.

We went back to Scotland late October to sort out a half load of furniture only to coincide that trip with UK Lockdown 2.
So the removals firm wouldn’t come until that was lifted and they could come into our T1 area.
Then there was Macron’s no crossing departmental boundaries so we opted to stay in Scotland rather than risk spreading anything.
Luckily we’ve not yet sold our UK home and our Scottish area has almost identical levels to our French home so we we were relaxed with that.
Now everything has been lifted we head back tomorrow,

And glad we won’t be there when the inevitable confusion, problems shortages and price increases start.
Already many of the “Leave” supporters have been expressing regrets - “We didn’t expect this. We were promised an oven ready deal”. Never believe politicians, will they never learn

I can’t say this has been my experience here in Shropshire. Most items were replenished. Lots of frozen food which all but vanished previously. Flours have been sometimes in short supply - well those best for baking anyway.

It’s certainly that situation in the extremes of the empire - SW Scotland and NW England

I’ve enquired in a couple of Carlisle stores about empty shelves (literally) and poor stock and the managers readily admit they’ve not been able to get full stocks and don’t expect things to improve early 2021

Family in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bucks, Cardiff , Leeds, Worcester and Cambs all say they are finding that too

Ditto, locally Tesco are holding normal levels of stock.

Well, that’s not quite true - there are certainly noticeable changes, less own brand and more other manufacturers, fewer special offers, occasional random empty spots on the shelves - our weekly shop has gone up 10-20% price-wise.

I think that they have clearly had some changes in the supply chain, perhaps because of Covid, perhaps early difficulties with EU supply chains or trying to diversify to help mitigate the effect of Brexit ahead of the game. It is subtle at the moment but I don’t think things are quite  as they were a year ago

George the twice we were back stock levels were ok in Cumbernauld and Stirling as we always stock up on meat and vital supplies (salad cream, hp sauce, teabags etc :yum:) as meat and chicken is so dear here.
All the main shops were mostly fully stocked.