Brits in Angouleme

It’s the Remparts weekend in Angouleme this weekend and, as always, there will be a mini invasion by British enthusiasts. This is my favourite so far, Guildford to Angouleme via the Channel Tunnel. Class.

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Wonderful memories of our visits there over the years…with or without a classic, this is a super day/weekend…highly recommend it to one and all.

Cannot be there this year as we have commitments elsewhere (drat).

The Rallye International will be passing through the north of the Charente tomorrow stopping off in Champagne Mouton from about 10 am and near Massignac for lunch. A great opportunity to see 400 plus interesting cars out on the roads. The full route can be found at,
There are two rallies, the Prestige is covering the route clockwise and the Club anti-clockwise.

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That Rallye is fun…and after lunch… being “guided/guarded” by the Gendarmes… not sure if that still happens… hic

I had a great day out on the Rallye yesterday and enjoyed a marvellous lunch. Not only did my car complete the course without any problems but a short video of it starting was published on the organiser’s FB page.

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Was there with the club rally - Club Lotus France.

Photos available at

Yes, I know it says Sardinia - we decided to go there before coming back through France and home to Scotland today.
Great 3 weeks away!

CDR photos are quite near the top…