Brittany ferries new routes

(Seen in today’s New European)

Brittany ferries have an announced additional Ireland French routes including St Malo and Roscoff whats the betting its a pre cursor for for
reduction in uk sailings.

The focus, I suspect, is commercial traffic which used to transit the UK, because that was the quickest/cheapest route.

We are no longer especially convenient for such traffic and several other operators have announced direct Ireland to EU port routes.

Oh, PS

Is a cleaner link

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Now just have to wait for Ireland to get over the pandemic !

the concern is that our choice and frequency of routes may reduce to facilitate Ireland France rather than France-Uk

It will get worse…

Brexit the gift which keeps on giving.

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Corsica ferries … a great alternative… :hugs:

Not shortest route to see family in the uk ,!!

I’d never even heard of them as all my ferry travel has been northern. What an encouraging thought for future trips though! Have you used them Stella?

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We’ve had a wonderful time crossing to Corsica… and welcome the chance to go further, when we can of course.

Used them a couple of times, spot on, from France or italy :wink:

I’ve used them (and the SNCM) , but then I did live in Corsica at the time :wink:


This is great news, one less driving for the trucks and two hopefully they’ll add passenger ferries on the same routes!

Maybe not that much less driving for the trucks - they’re now driving across Brittany and Normandy to the bigger population and industrial centres further east.

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I doubt it will be much less driving but less hold ups and paperwork, so probably less time overall.

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Thats exactly why they are doing it, to reduce the risk of paperwork hassle, first into uk at Holyhead then back into EU.
Risk is that the ferries will be used to facilitate this with consequential reduction in UK- France sailings, particularly if future demand falls (85% for BF) due to extra paper work and planning post Covid and Brexit.
I’m sure ferries to Corsica are nice and good fun but many of us have UK commitments or friend from there visiting !

Where did you live (I may have asked you before and forgotten :pensive:) my Corsican family (maternal grandmother’s lot) are from Cargèse.

@vero probably you did, but I’ve forgotten about whether and when :rofl:
I lived in Bastia, in the Montesoro suburbs, about 5km south of the centre of town.
I’d spend weekends hitchhiking around the island, getting on the train, or camping /climbing with friends who had a car.

Well it’s direct EU to EU so no more paperwork than previously, and certainly less hassle.

Less time overall - if you factor in post-Brexit delays in Kent, yes; if you compare with the journey previously, no.

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