Broken cord on Velux blind

I have a cord that has come adrift on a Velux blind. Not a clue how to fix it. Based Josselin (56). Can anyone help?

Maybe shops that sell them can help?

YouTube may well have the answer…

This man I could listen to for quite a while

Yes, I think this is my next route. I have no idea who or where they are sold though!

Hi Helen, when I was in your situation and had no idea where to even start looking I just did what I would have done in the UK and did a Google search. Although when I first lived in France that meant checking the Pages Jaunes!! I suggest put “shops that sell blinds” into Google Translate then search for that. Bound to come up with something useful.
Hope that helps.
Izzy x

If you can’t repair it and do buy new check online, my friend just bought one online for €35. LM had the same blind for over €70!