Brown,muddy water

Can anyone help please. Having spent the past half hour trying to find an emergency telephone number for veolia to no avail. Has anybody got a number we can call please

Thanks for explaining that Vic, I always wondered what was happening

Good answer Steve. When the fire brigade or others open up a hydrant to test or flush it the water velocity in the main increases beyond what's normal & all the silt which otherwise sits on the bottom of the pipe is picked up. Flush out your incoming main via the closest COLD tap to the incoming water pipe. Try not to use a HOT tap as this will drag the muck into the hot water cylinder where it will settle.

Ours often turns a funny colour when the local fire brigade have been round and tested their hydrant. Leave taps running for a while as others have said.

Run your water for 10 minutes. If there is a problem the pressure will go down, perhaps water no longer flow. As Mike says, mud cannot enter a pipe under pressure and an entire breech will instant cease to supply water. If it persists then call 0810 007 192 however bear in mind they do not offer an English speaking service at Veolia.


Urgences with Violia seems to be a subscription only service.

However, if you are getting brown water from your tap, it suggests that mud has entered the pipe while a repair has been made. Once the water has been turned back on, it should clear quite quickly if you let the cold tap run for a while. Normally, mud cannot enter the pipe while it is under pressure, because if there is a leak, the direction of flow will be from inside the pipe to the outside.