BT Sport free in France for you champ league fans

If anyone interested. After much searching I have at last found an app for my iPad to view BT Sport. My speed here is a bit slow but it works great.

Go to App Store. Search for live media player. Hopefully you can see a pic of their icon here which I have attached. Once loaded on iPad, run it. Top right hand corner is the search icon. Type BT sport. Select the one you want, choose run software.

Boom, BT Sport.

Now the cool bit. I have a littler Apple TV box which my son in law gave me.

It connects to your tv with an HD lead. In my case an old to so I bought HD to scart lead off eBay.

I can now wifi my iPad screen onto the tv using the AirPlay function on the iPad.

Whatever is on your iPad screen, shows on the tv screen including BT Sports.

Merry Xmas!!


As a PS to what I said yesterday got the MAG 254 WLAN today from Amazon France together with a Netgear Gigabit Switch for all the network cables. With some telephone help from a very pleasant chap at UKTV France I now have all the UK channels including the premium ones to try over the weekend.

There was some buffering on one of the sport HD channels, but otherwise it's great. Very pleased indeed & thanks to Simon Armstrong and Keith Lacey for this thread.

Hi Simon, saw your info on the other thread about IPTV & have decided to try it. Bought the MAG 254 set top box from where it was cheaper. Thought I'd try UKTV France as the service provider-they've got a telephone helpline that I'll probably need knowing me!

Thanks Keith. I mis-read your post & downloaded the BT Sport App where you have to sign in. Downloaded Live Media Player from the UK App store & got BT Sport etc.


Brilliant - thanks Keith.

Oh well i only wanted it for MotoGP anyway and we still get intermittent TV dependent on weather even with a 110cm dish

Does it work with a desk top pc no Apple Apps whatever they are

Hi, I only get sound from the app. Apple TV normally works fine for me. Any suggestions?

I get BT Sports 1 & 2 included (19,57€ per month) in my IPTV package - no BT account. I switch the telly on and select the channel. :-)

BT Sport needs a UK BT Account doesn't it?