Bucket List!

I know many of us are making New Year's resolutions, and some of us are resolutely refusing to do so, but what about your Bucket List. Chatting with Elaine and Elizabeth today on chatbox, some came up:

Northern Lights + stay in ice hotel

Orient Express

Boat trip on Nile

Travel the Silk Route

What's on your bucket list this year, or what have you already ticked off the list?

Hi Rosemary

No not here and to be honest it's my humble opinion after limited flying compared to your husband - I was an officer in the navy training to be a pilot but didn't get further than basic training as my inner ears are way too sensitive - doing barrel rolls, spins and half cubans just didn't do it for me and I used to get out of the cockpit greener than my flying overalls!!! They sent me off to spend some time with the "jungly" mark 4 sea-king but being thrown around in the back of one over Dartmoor didn't do too much for my motivation either... I went air traffic control in the end and regret not continuing in civy street or staying in the navy (financially speaking!) I did do a weeks gliding near portsmouth and ended up flying solo and it was the one type of flying that suited me, I think I'd like microlights too but just haven't got round to it. Sorry I'm waffling on - there must be loads of clubs in the Toulouse area - google it ;-)

now I thought I'd seen it before somewhere too...! by the time I got round to posting what I'd like to do the photo had changed ;-)

not in my world Sheila thats how i breathe :)

Oops, sorry John. Nothing wrong with a little bit of plagiarism though, is there? :-)

dont be nicking my discussions Sheila :) http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/whats-on-your-bucket-list?xg_source=activity but then I've been adding to mine but not telling for now.

Hi Andrew

Was interested in your reference to gliding - my OH is a frustrated pilot and one-time instructor. He'll hopefully get back to it sometime later this year, somewhere not too far from Toulouse. Do you glide here?

Cheers Andrew. Never been to the Brewery believe it or not.

Real pirate country and yes best not to find yourself in the wrong pub when the local fishermen have had a good catch...! I lived in Camborne then Truro before going back to South Devon, spent time at Culdrose, worked in Falmouth, Redruth and Truro - lovely part of the world (I surfed too) but the constant humidity got to me after a while and much as I love it I couldn't go back there to live!

Have a pint of St Austell best for me ;-)

Newlyn, I just love it there. Got to be careful which pubs you frequent though ;)

Sounds good Stuart, lots of action going on there, where in Cornwall?

Visit my mum in Cornwall..............18th Jan for 4 days woohoo. Organised and booked in the last two days.

Meet more firends............hopefully February ;)

Silverstone to see eldest son Alexis and the Formula student team. July.

and last but by no means least..........Antony to pass his Private Pilots License.

The remainder just to chill with Nathalie.

All sound very tempting Sheila, from personal experience I prefer flying a glider to the helicopter flight (didn't get on to flying one, just pilot training of small fixed wing aircraft in the navy), gliding gives you a real sense of flying and the elements without the noise, all you can hear is the whistle of the wind. as for the Nile, perhaps sailing round the Med would have to take in a trip down the Nile too ;-)

à +

Well, my own personal list would include:

Spend a week on longboat on Canal du Midi - ticked! Did it in October 2010, and loved every minute.

Few days on the Orient Express.

Boat trip on the Nile and also see some pyramids

Trip in a helicopter

I'll add more when I can think of them.

S. xx

ride the étape du tour (was planned for this year but changes yet again mean it's not going to be this year!), cycle round Sardinia and Sicilly (already done Corsica) and ultimately the Mediterranean (i.e. right round it not in it!) sail round it too but that'll be a lot easier. Cycling mates talking about cycling route 66 in the US and trying to get me to do it too so they have a translator!

Also hot air ballooning Sheila - probably slightly more achievable