Budget Participatif Citoyen 2024


Depending on which Department you are resident in, there may be a Budget Participatif Citoyen running.

Long story short: Department has a budget for local community projects, locals submit projects and the residents of said department get to vote for which one/s they want to get the money.

For those living in Lot et Garonne (Lot-et-Garonne - Département d'initiative citoyenne : Budget Participatif Citoyen #3)
, I would like to suggest that you vote for #4052, #4047 and #4023.


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We have this happening here. I think that residents as opposed to citizens don’t get to vote, just like we don’t get a vote in the local and european elections.

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I’m sure we’ve voted for Local projects… and our Maire addresses everyone in our Commune as Citoyens regardless of Nationality… :+1:

I’ll check with an Adjointe later today… and confirm one way or another…


Thanks @Stella . It’ll be interesting to see what you find.

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I don’t think we have one but I shall ask around…

One’s Nationality is immaterial… to Vote for projects… where the Winning Projects will gain Grants from the "Budget Participatif Citoyen… one must live in that particular Department.

and one must be over a certain Age… 2023 in Dordogne, a Voter had to be at least 8 years old.

For 2024, Lot et Garonne… Voters must be at least 11 years old… and reside in that Department.

EDIT: you can check to see what your own Department is doing… either on-line or by asking at your Mairie/neighbours etc etc :+1:

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Thanks @Stella , I’ll have a look.