Buffering C4 on VPN

Hi, Does anyone have a buffering problem only with Channel 4 live using a VPN on a laptop. It is the only UK channel that buffers for me. I am wondering if it is my provider. Thank you.

I have a similar problem with Channel 4 using a VPN. I can watch all other channels except C4 on my TV.
A friend said that if you leave it for twenty minutes it sorts itself out but, other than that sounds unlikely, I’ve never had the spare time to try.

Channel 4 runs fine on my smartphone using a VPN. According to channel 4 come Nov 24th I’ll be able to cast it onto our TV which I can’t do at the moment

Just curious, can you cast other UK services? I understood that when casting to the TV, the TV creates it’s own link to the service and would therefore also need the VPN. Is that right?

Buffering is an interaction between latency (how long data takes to travel across the 'net from the source to you), bandwidth (how fast the data can move), jitter (the packet to packet variation in latency) and the amount of local reservoir the system wants - which will be a function of the stream parameters and the first two quantities which modern streaming services monitor dynamically.

Yes, it might “settle down” as the system adjusts the video bandwidth requirements (usually trading off a bit of quality, though you might not be aware of this).

The bottom line is that it’s all a bit complex but anything you can do to increase bandwidth and reduce latency will help. Not using a VPN would certainly do that but rather defeat the point. Using a wired Ethernet connection to your TV might be enough to tip the balance and, of course, using xDSL or fibre (if you can) rather than 4/5G (which tend to be higher latency connections, and a VPN adds more).

I can cast using the Channel4 app now, although some programs such as F1 are deliberately blocked from casting. If you want to cast, then yes, the device that casts (Chromecast or compatible TV/box) needs to have a VPN connection as well. I have a dedicated WiFi router that does the VPN so any device can connect wirelessly to the VPN.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes it is mainly F1 that I watch on Channel 4. We connect through a VPN onto a laptop to watch it. The buffering wasn’t so bad last night, but I also connect with my VPN on my smartphone at the same time which has much less buffering so I usually don’t miss much. It is slightly annoying as I don’t have a problem with any other UK channels. I will just have to live with it. Does anyone think any of the VPN providers are any better than the rest?

If you watch other content on CH4, does that buffer as well ?. I’m thinking something that doesn’t have as much movement in it. When you say it doesn’t buffer as much with your phone, is that over WiFi to the same router used by the laptop, or is it mobile data ?

If watching on phone and laptop simultaneously, how wel ldoes it work if you only use a single device?

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Ah. I didn’t get the subtlety that the phone and laptop were operating at the same time. That’s interesting, especially if it’s the same when only one of the two is operating simultaneously.

It makes no difference to the buffering on the laptop if the phone is connected too. I am connected on both with wifi orange livebox