Builder in france now

Just wondered if anyone could help to advise if our friend is able to travel in his work van to France to help with some of the smaller renovation work on our house in France. The major works are being or have been all carried out by local tradesmen with all the necessary paperwork. It is in part to help our friend out ……Thank you

Is your friend registered and insured to work in France?

Is he getting paid or a friend helping out with DIY.

No he.s not registered to work in France and he wont be getting paid in money.

Aside from the rights and wrongs of whether or not he can “help out”, its probably not a compelling reason for entering France at the moment

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No, it will be in a few months time…just wondered if anyone knew of anyone who had done the same since brexit

What are you asking exactly?
Are you asking if he can work in France? If so the answer is no.
Or are you asking if he can come to France to visit a friend? Yes, he can do that when covid restrictions are relaxed - but if he’s in a works van with equipment and overalls in the back, the border officers may not believe that that is in fact what he is doing.


The imperative exceptions are given here:

Those are the ones to watch for changes.