Builder recommendation


Can anyone recommend a builder in Herault area for building work including terraces?

They must be french registered with attestation decennale.



Thanks Tim, I did leave a message a while ago for Frederick but tried again and I managed to get through yesterday and spoke to him...hopefully he's going to contact Ricou to do a devis for us.

We're back 6th to 15th April - be great to see you guys - we passed u in the car weekend before last (hire car) but don't think you spotted us x say hi to Pascal x

Perez à ROUJAN!

Steve - no I'm pretty fluent in French, even some building terms :) so they don't need to be English speaking.

For most builders the journey from one side of Herault to another can make the job too expensive I suggest you narrow it down to within 30minutes or thereabouts.

Does English speaking matter to you?

Thanks Jillian

Thanks Miles, I'll give them a call x

I've organised some work including a 1st floor concrete slab terrace. They did a great job, including knocking through an internal wall. The boss is a lady called Nathalie, who won the job by having a great eye for the asthetics of the property. She speaks no English but her number is 06 11 17 12 75. I can liase if the language is a problem, let me know.


Hello, I can recommend a reliable English builder, Mark Butten, fully registered in France, who works throughout the Herault. He's done extensive renovations on our house in Beziers and we are very pleased with the results. His no. is 06 29 14 91 77.