Building a Blog

Hi everyone! Thank you Sheila for the warm welcome! I'm a new member of your little group and I'm looking for a little help if possible please :)

I'm a real novice when it comes to computers but, wondered if anyone can tell me how I go about creating a Blog please? My daughter tells me that this is the way to go now to get your maximum publicity and that it ought to be linked to Face Book, Pinterest and Twitter? - any others???

I want to have a link to my Etsy and Ebay pages. Plus when I begin selling on Amazon I will need a link for that too.

I also want to be able to sell my creations and e-books from my Blog - is this possible? (or do I need a website too?) If this is possible then I will need a Paypal 'buy-it-now button.

What are your thoughts? Sorry - but I did say that I knew nothing! Thanks in advance for any help given :)

Hi Wendy,

I agree that Wordpress is the way to go. Make sure you get a self-hosted blog which means that you have your own domain name instead of Just like Greg has below.

The reason being that you have so many cool and useful plug-ins (extras) that you don't have with a blog hosted by wordpress.


Hello Wendy,

a blog, especially one with not too much work with design is easy. So don't worry about that. The bad thing is you have to write something that fits somehow and is related to your other activities. Once you have subscribers, they want something new, - all the time...

Because you want to link all to these so-called "social" networks, but you do not want so much torment with HTML you have less choices and I recommend weebly. Obviously, I can not write here a full scale manual of instructions, - and then, in the end, you do everything anyway totally different, so you just might have a look at something like this (I only link to twitter because Facebook is, to say the least, far too intrusive). Anyway with this you can involve your ebay-shop and whatever other sales platform...

There are no limits regarding Weebly's MB bandwidth or even queries. I do that since many years and never have have had any fault, while the agencies I'm working with are changing hosts, have redesign and more. I even use the site with back-links for clients, so 80% is not even visible for public. Simply speaking the advantage of using such minimalistic website provider is that you host your own shop on your blog / your own website and this entails the encouraging fact that you have more control of who haunts around on your blog when & where. This then offers you to streamline your goals more effectively.

Hi Wendy, use Wordpress. The website can start as a blog and develope into a full ecommerce site when you need it, Wordpress is straight forward and you can control your content as you need it.

Have a look at or at my website if you need further help settting up.