Building a wall

We'd like to build a wall (approx 1.5m-2m high x 10m long round part of our garden as it's on the main road into the village and a bend so we want it to keep the kids/future dog in and to keep the noise and unwelcome visitors out. I am wondering about the different types of wall construction and trying to get an idea of likely costs

I've come up with:

Stone (lovely but probably too expensive)

Block work with Crepi and anti-vandal paint

Block work with metal fencing top

Block work with wooden fencing on top

Wooden fencing

Anyone got any ideas of likely costs if you've had a wall built? Another lady in our village reckons she's spent 30,000 euro on a wall round her new build house which seems ridiculously expensive. I'd have a go at building it myself if faced with a cost like that!

It is a doddle...make sure that the returns are about 600mm to make the doorway/window stable if at all possible. Get the ole man to ask it he has any Q,s . I will answer them if I can.

If you do all the work for the wall yourselves including one day hire of a self drive digger you should aim at £1500.oo ish. If you hire a self drive digger make sure it is at least 2.5 ton size. 4 to 5 ton is best if you have room to use it. Takeuchi swing shovel is the best make.

Smaller ones are dodgy and fall over when you least expect.

They are called bloc a banché in french

excellent thanks Terry, right I'll have him building the garage too.

Okay...found the other half helped me build it.[Hint hint] Should come in at under £3000.oo mates rates

thanks Brian - good to know and much more reasonable which is what we had in mind.

Thanks Terry - will show this to other half tonight.

Good foundations are essential. I use a very quick and strong technique that my local Council agrees with.

Good Foundation. Must be level. Use hollow re-enforcing blocks laid directly on top of each other, but staggered. No mortar between.They must always be kept level so a good quality in terms of all the same size is needed.

Fill every third vertical cavity with 5 3 1 concrete mix. Render both sides with 6 1 1 Sand lime cement mix.

It is an American technique for huge rapid built reservoirs.

A curved wall is much stronger than a straight one because of the theoretical center of gravity.

My pic shows me standing in a garage that I built this way.

UK costs for blocks est...


400 PER LOAD £550.00 + VAT

10 blocks per sq meter of wall

I think I added a pic. of the garage, but can't see it. [Not a ghost. GD is greyed out]

You'll need to run a foundation for that size of wall ,Have you took this into account .Ground work can usually cost more than the construction