Building on house

Hello some advice please the end of our house needs either complete rebuild or potentially specialised build to its original look or as near as . Do we get a specialised work person to assess or architect to asseds and advise before going to the Mairie with our plans and get paperwork etc thanks all

Without knowing more, probably both (and the bank manager)


Perhaps look in the yellow pages fora local maître d’ œuvre to provide advice on how to progress?

My understanding is if you’re not changing the facade there is no paperwork required. Making good changes nothing, not the liveable surface area, nor the exterior looks, there shouldn’t be anything to file. (Though I’d tell the Mairie as a courtesy.)

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In fact, I’d START with a chat with the Mairie. Certainly in our case they’re super helpful and they know what needs permission and what does not.


Takes some pictures allot easier to get a answer