Bulldog Bacon & Bangers

Hi to all,

I wrote on an earlier discussion about a couple of guys producing their own pork products in the South West. Funnily enough, I have just received an email from them which I have posted below... I'm not sure where Carpe Diem is. I didn't een know it was a place, thought it just meant "seize the day"...No wonder I get odd looks from people when I say it!!!

HI All
Our next visit to the Carpe Diem will be Friday 2nd of August between 4pm and 7pm. After that it will be five weeks later on the Friday 7th September. To order please use our website:


For anyone finding the Gala pies too big we can do a large round pork pie with the egg in the middle,

SPECIAL - next week we will have home baked individual Steak pies and Chiken and ham individual home baked pies
If you wish to order any of these please state in the comments box what you would like untill we update the site.