Bullfighting in France "An Immoral Spectacle"

French bullfight foes eye coup de grace for ‘immoral’ spectacle (france24.com)

Many years ago the Parents took us, as young teenagers, to the magnificent ‘La Monumental’ arena in Barcelona to witness our first Corrida de Toros. Not only was the old building magnificent the ambiance was so overwhelming. My Father loved it but l found the ‘spectacle’ very upsetting and cruel. Needless to say l am with the anti bullfighting lobby and hope that this proposed legislation succeeds.


I can’t believe this still happens in an otherwise civilised country. Let’s hope it gets banned soon.
Izzy x


Link not working for me, but I learned only recently that bull fighting in France sometimes ended with the death of the bull, I thought it was not the case with the bulls being feted instead.
Insupportable for a civilised country.