Bureaucracy, a short film - remind you of anything?

They are all the same. Every now and then they announce plans to cut bureaucracy and then as sure as eggs is eggs they re-invent more stuff. It's become more complicated by the internet and there must be many people who suffer from over complication and lack of access. It took us two visits to Paris, an overnight stay in a hotel, 24 hours of driving, and about a hundred pieces of paper to get my non EU wife a visa to go to the UK for my son's wedding. One piece of paper they asked for was the original wedding invitation and a letter from my son to us three (two Brits one non EU) to visit the UK. The USA was much easier. Our tiny local Mairie knows virtually nothing and we had to appoint a lawyer to sort out a Carte de Sejour. Yes photocopying is a great idea! They are too lasy to do it themselves, on sick leave, on training or outside the backdoor smoking. They get early retirement and fat pensions, then, especially in the UK, they get well paid consultancy jobs doing what they were doing before but getting more money plus of course their pensions. There are so many of them that they have to create jobs that don't need to be done, like changing pavements etc. Clapham Junction pavements changed four times to my certain knowledge, York stone ripped up and sold, non slip concrete paving, brick style paving, stone paving (probably imported). My village in Brittany (pop 800 mostly outlying) has had a huge amount of money spent on paving (partially using imported Chinese granite) and concrete paving with dozens of disabled crossings. Problem is the concrete paving is too thin is cracking and crumbling everywhere and will have to be repaired or redone. Just examples. I was on various public boards in the UK and when I found evidence of wastage etc I was asked to remain silent (a long time ago). Makesyerwantterbesickdontit?

Ah, la vie en France.... and yet I miss it - even the bureaucracy - all the same!

Really funny and not be taken too seriously. However it did remind me of reregistering our German built camping car toimport it and to have it on French plates. We travelled to and from our house 3 times before all the "T's" were crossed and all the "i's" dotted. My husbands ears were blowing steam!!!!

this is really about Germany, just in Spanish with English subtitles, yes? We live in the Haute Loire, being not EU members (USA) there was no problem, 1/2 an hour, done! in Germany it took several visits with the threat "if you do not behave within the 3 years your permission to stay will not be extended. Boing. I guess after Germany ALL countries look great. No matter how many copies you need, but the French treat one politely and friendly and open "to negotiations". Loved the movie. Giesela

Classic and not so far removed from the UK system either!

I must have been lucky, I can't recall ever not having helpful , or at least satisfactory service whichever department i've had to contact and i'm talking about on and off since the mid '70s and routinely since the '80s.

Speaking the language and more importantly understanding the french way of doing things is vital if you want a chance of getting what you want. Being polite, even when confronted with a bureaucrat who is clearly having a bad day helps and acting dumb or pleading ignorance is a useful weapon.

The french have made efforts to accommodate the british community ie. english speaking helplines (EDF etc) so maybe things are becoming a little easier. I can't ever recall hearing about a french speaking helpline in Norfolk !

Ok, i'm sure i'm in the minority so shoot me down....

Believe it or not, yesterday, I had two HELPFUL contacts with bureaucrats. A lady from Assurance Maladie actually PHONED us to give news of the progress [yes, PROGRESS] of our cartes vitales. And later, when I visited the Hôtel des Impôts to find out how to register for income tax, I was given friendly and PRECISE instructions! Are things getting better, or did I just get lucky?

Magnificent. Of course, in France, every time you visit an office, they ask for DIFFERENT things. How do you second guess THAT?!?!

Peter Bird, photocopy everything THREE TIMES!!

The only difference between that and the French version would be that it has to be copied four times back & front and it has to be translated. ( and by the way it has to be Assermenté!!!!)

Yes, this is the way I've learned to deal with French bureaucracy over the years; never give them everything at once, wait until they ask... It's getting better though!

Superb !

Best advice I ever received was to photocopy EVERYTHING !!!

That is brilliant!

Well done blondie.

Is that dubbed into Spanish from the original French?