Burglar alarms

Following a spate of burglaries in our area (one was a TV nicked from local school by making a hole in the roof!) I’m considering fitting an intruder alarm system. Has anyone had any experience of them or know any suppliers in France (I’ll fit it myself)?




It says "a partir" de Eur 29.50 TTC par mois

I don't know if you're house is on an isolated spot or in a more urbain area. But a good, reliable DIY installation can be bought at any large DIY-retailer. Depending on the amount of entrances, windows and other "weak" points costs may vary from about 300 to whatever Euro's. Combine this with movement-sensitive lighting on the outside of your house, excellent locks and bolts on your doors, windows and place the exterior alarm-unit (horn and flashing light) on a visible but hard-to-reach-quickly place and you have a moderately protective system. If you have animals, make sure the system is cat- and dog-proof. If they trigger the alarm every fortnight, your neighbors might get used to it ;-)

Usually these systems work with a central unit to which you link several detectors to suit your needs. But it depends on what you want. If you just want, like most people, a first-line protection then the DIY-stuff will do just fine. If you want more, ranging from video-surveillance (nice, you can then see how you are burgled and keep the images for your grandchildren) to a full-blown fog-machine that goes of once the perpetrators enter, you'll probably need some professional to take care of that.

Burglary is proven to be a job that takes a few minutes. Tele-surveillance can be an option when the base of operation of the provider is not far away Remember, they don't have the right to move through traffic like police-cars so these minutes are quickly gone by.

Nevertheless if you're in a situation where you do have neighbors, inform them that you have an alarm so they can take action when it goes of when you're not there.

Another thing is your home-insurance. Sometimes they offer reductions if you have properly secured your house, so it might be worthwhile to check the standards they use for "sufficient home protection"

Hi - Do you have details on this Company please?

Hi all members. Sorry its a little log, but worth a read!

I was in the security industry in the UK for many years and have had much experience with all types of intruder alarms and CCTV, as well as personal guards for those that were fortunate to afford this. I have also, and still have, a Telecommunications company for all aspects of communications and internet and I have been involved in small businesses and homes to large properties and estates through out the world and have discovered that it is a great problem here in France at this time, to protect ones own property. I am currently in the Internet marketing business and therefore am happy to inform you as to how the industry works and how they scare people into buying overly expensive, and in a lot of cases, unnecessary systems for their particular needs. We have joined forces with one of the UKs largest and best organisations that will supply me, through my website marketing packages just to be lunched in the next few months and will be able to supply you with all aspects of equipment as well as us setting up a web site especially for you guys out there to be able to buy all aspects of security equipment from ether the UK or USA, and other, and be delivered directly to your door here in France.

There is also a belief that this is a highly specialised market and that normal members of the public will not know what to do when protecting your property and what’s available with out having to get a 2nd mortgage or have LARGE monthly on going costs to service or maintain your equipment over and over again. Service and maintenance contracts are big business and I believe are not really necessary if you know what you are doing. Lets face it all new equipment will normally have at least 1 years guarantee, if not longer, on it and if its not working properly then you will know from the start! Terms called “dead on arrival” You’re responsible for getting the item back to the supplier, which is far cheaper than paying an engineer for them to do the same on your behalf.

You may also be told that you have to have a system that is “French approved” or “installed by a Proper French SARL/company” and that the “guarantee will not be granted” or better still “your insurance company will not cover you if you don’t have their installation company to do the work”!

That’s total rubbish and not the truth. There are obvious security issues that you should be aware of such as your cameras pointing towards another houses window, which is of course illegal and any type of unapproved counter surveillance of any kind that could also get you into trouble with your neighbours or the authorities. Speak to your neighbours as they too may want a system and could halve you own costs too.

Most equipment can be brought quite easily if you know where to go or what you need for your application etc, but we will be teaching you how to assess and measure what type of equipment you will need and then how to fit it all yourselves. You would need to know also about the type of camera and what lens you would require as there are so may options out there and can be confusing. Are you looking for external or intenal camera system or both? That appears to be the main thing here in France and keeps your costs to a minimum.

As a member of SFN, i would be more than happy to advise in the meantime, while our web sites are being set up, and advise and assist in your security requirements and at cost, providing i can of course supply you with the CCTV or security products that you will require. (I have got to make some money of course!) We will also be setting up a service system that will be able to have an independent maintenance contract with you and will cover you for any such service and items that may be damaged or break down We can advise SFN as and when anyhow.

The security market is a growth industry in France and with the current economic situation, it is important to realise that ignorance will simply result in people being ripped off as the lack of knowledge breads greater profits for all, and here the companies like that and will take full advantage. There is NO need to pay high prices for equipment, although you must understand that just like a doctor or Avocat, they are professionals and you would be paying for their knowledge or advice. There is also higher spec equipment that would be of a much higher resolution or quality and would of course increase the costs. Like and Mini to a Rolls Royce! They both do the same thing!

I am more than happy to assist where possible and ask you to please be careful as i already know of 3 people who have paid well over 10 times the prices for a total installation "rip off " job and are still paying for this today! If you’re on a tight budget then have a look in Bricoman or Brico Deport or even Castorama, as you can even buy cheap kits at reasonable rates that could help any such security requirements. There is one on one camera TV systems or Door call camera systems, as complete kits, that you can see others at your front door when they call as well as small cameras that you can obtain on the internet at very reasonable prices. You will not necessarily be able to have features such as recording 24/7 or zoom or intelligent cameras, but it may at least help you for now, but certainly keep your costs down.

Security lights are another cheap and effective idea, as some members have already mentioned, so is a dog/dogs if you have space, as most people wont go any where near the house because of the noise or fear of being bitten. I have all the above but still does not mean that i would be 100% safe, as i still have to leave and return to my house and there could also be security issues too. Once again I would be happy to assist if required.

I hope that this has been of some help and wish you all the best of luck for all your security needs!


Ben Humble


Sept 2011 copy write Qualitiwork Limited

30 Euros /month TTC for alarm + back to base monitoring + someone to visit if alarm goes off is cheap. I’m paying double that in Australia

There was a fashion for fitting alarms in the UK about 15-20 years ago. I’ve seen whole streets with them. You absolutely have to ensure that they only go off for genuine reasons otherwise it’s an annoyance and people take no notice. I believe the best type of alarm is not sound, but light and giving potential intruders the impression they will be photographed should be a deterrent. My advice is to rig motion sensors to floodlights on a timer to illuminate for a few minutes. This will also help you and other welcome visitors to see your way when you approach your home on a dark night. You can rig up camera shells, which may or may not contain a camera or CCTV. Also post signs around that there is an alarm installed.

WOT! a telly, may be some going cheap on ebay in your neck of the woods soon.1 x

Actually ‘spate’ may be a bit alarmist (groan), there were three break-ins that I know of, and two were tellies. And as we don’t have a telly, we should be ok. But I still want one.