Burglaries large and small

“Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte”
We’ve spent hours enjoying ourselves in the grounds and viewing the public rooms.

Just caught sight of this News Report and wondering how one can keep such a large, rambling building safe from thieves etc.

and that brings me on to safety in all our homes.

Are there any “rules” about closing shutters during absence… etc… just wondering.

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Many years ago, when I first insured my house with a branch of AXA, I asked this very same question. The agent advised that if the house had shutters, which weren’t closed during periods of absence and the house was broken into, then this would affect the amount of any insurance claim. I don’t know whether this was correct or not as my house doesn’t have shutters.

Our house insurance specifically notes that windows below 2m must be shuttered when absent, and doors to have 5 point locks.

I presume houses containing a lot of precious objects would have sophisticated alarm systems on all entry points, or movement sensors or some such. Our dog does the same job but much cheaper…

I asked Fabien this question when I insured through him earlier this year, I’ve given his reply

Good morning Michael,

There aren’t any particular restrictions, there would be some for the valuables but as we’ve declared none in that house then, if you are only leaving for a grossery run or something like that, you simply need to lock all the doors and windows and that will do it. When you’re not staying overnight (whatever that’s for a night or months) you need to shut all the doors and windows + shutters and activate all the available security measures eventually in place. Cutting off the electricity isn’t needed and neither is turning off the water but turning off the water is a safe procedure so although not mandatory from an insurer’s perspective I’d say it’s advisable :wink:

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Very sad to hear about this…I adore the Chateau and have visited it many times.

One of the most remarkable - unplanned - events I’ve ever witnessed took place there, during an evening candlelit son et lumière…The management had decided at the very last minute to cancel it, due to what they saw as dangerous, windy conditions. The crowds were clearly unimpressed (the winds were a light breeze at most)…Suddenly we noticed two individuals walking up to some of the glass jars containing candles, and lighting them with their cigarette lighters. Inspired by their example, more and more people started to light candles, until there were literally hundreds, if not thousands of candles lit, all over the gardens and park. Inside the chateau, the furious management could be seen glaring out of the windows at the temerity of The People in daring to override management’s wishes. You can easily see how revolution’s start…