Burning Feet Syndrome

For more than 20 years, the soles of my feet have burned, mainly when I go to bed. I became used to burning foot syndrome, dangled my feet from under the bedclothes, and waggled them about to help cool them down until I fell asleep.

But more recently, this has changed from burning soles to persistent hot feet, including the ankles. What I believe is peripheral neuropathy had gotten worse and was affecting my sleep.

Getting a bit desperate, I remembered poor old Ian Botham advertising a device that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to help increase blood circulation in the feet and lower legs.

I had electrical muscle stimulation before for arthritis in my neck on advice and prescription from my doctor some years ago, and blimey, did it work for me? Yes, it did! So, I took Ian Botham’s advice, but I first researched before buying such a device for myself.

I used it for three half-hour sessions at quite a high intensity in the morning, and, later in the evening, I could feel my feet throbbing ever so slightly, which indicated increased blood flow. I could count my heartbeat from pulses in my feet. That night my feet did not burn, and I had a good night’s sleep.

This posting is to say, at least for me, a long-term sufferer of burning foot syndrome, that electrical muscle stimulation works!

I hope it can work for other sufferers too.

I’ve a friend who has suffered from that for years. Tingly hands and tingly feet which has resulted in difficulty walking any distance. Maybe your discover could help him. What device would you recommend?

I couldn’t recommend any device John because I’m not a specialist but I’d recommend your friend start researching as I did. There are multiple reasons for peripheral neuropathy symptoms which in turn can be so various.

Your friend could start by looking at these videos which are just four of those I have listened to. There are more. What I would recommend is to go see a doctor for referral to a specialist. That is what I intend to do next – try to find the cause of my symptoms.

All I can say is, in my case, electrical muscle stimulation works for my feet and lower legs. So can manual massage & exercise. This or other forms of treatment will work for your friend – it’s a question of finding the right form of treatment. Don’t let it go on for too long because it could decrease mobility to the point of needing walking sticks or a wheelchair.

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Thanks for that. I’ll send the links on to him.