Business advice in France for an SARL

Hello everyone,

My SARL language business is struggling, due to a variety of decisions. I am wondering is there a citizens advice bureau that people know of. For example with DIRECCTE or one of the many other French institutions? I am kind of everywhere at the moment and knowing my rights, the system for bankruptcy etc. Would at least help me plan for the worst while aiming for the best outcome.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

James Tyrrell

Sorry to hear of your situation.

There is a procedure called Tiers de confiance, I don’t know where you are, this is one link but your region should have their own

I think the place to start is your chambre de commerce/chambre de metiers, or even better your local Centre de Formalités d’Entreprise if you have one, or any other business advice service that your communauté des communes hosts. If they’re anything like my CFE they will be sympathetic and do all they can to help.