Business Exchange Toulouse Cheese, Wine & Chat

Quick reminder that the super friendly Business Exchange Toulouse group will be meeting Thursday evening (17 Nov) in Levignac - just 20 mins from Tlse Airport & 15 mins from L'Isle Jourdain. We're mostly micro and solo businesses, just starting out on our adventure! Let me know if you would like more info. Lynda

Our cheese, wine & networking evening went really well! Amongst others, I met a landscape gardner, english estate agent, an embroiderer and someone selling personalised baby blankets. Fairly eclectic, but all out there, running their businesses.

Business Exchange Toulouse are planning to hold a "working lunch" event in the new year. I'll be taking James up on his offer to promote it!! Watch this space.

Hope business is good for you,


Thanks James, will do!


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your post, and like I said to Donna, our next meeting will be after Christmas now, and will be at lunchtime. We're trying to reach as many people as possible. I'll certainly keep you informed via SFN.

What do you do?


Hi Donna,

Thanks for your message, pity you couldn't make it last night. The next meeting will probably be after Christmas, and be a "working lunch". We are trying to mix it up so those who can't attend in the evening, can hopefully come in the day. I'll keep you posted.


Hi Lynda, give me a shout a couple of weeks before the next one and I'll promote it for you if you like?



Hi Lynda

Just came across this group - and the meeting - today. Can't make it to the Business Exchange this time round but I would be interested in participating in the next one. Is there a date fixed? If not, can you let me know the next time you're meeting up and I'll try and make it.

all the best

Simon Oliver

Hi Linda, would like to participate but that is the evening of my French lessons. Please keep me in mind for the next one. Cordialement, Donna Anderson (Relais Templier)