Business Opportunity

My hubby and I purchased some (rather expensive!) moulds for making concrete garden ornaments recently. However, we've done a few xmas markets (they went very well!) but because my tutoring business is now doing so well, we've decided to concentrate on this, as it was hard taking our 1 year old to the cold markets! It's a great opportunity for someone else though, so let me know if you'd be interested in purchasing! No cement mixer required - a bucket is best, so just the moulds, a bag of 6 Euro cement, a bit of sand and you're good to go!! Also, if you register as an AE, you pay 13% tax on your turnover, and as the outlay per item is v small after moulds are purchased (less than 50 Cents) and they sell for up to 25 Euros, the sums add up well!!

All moulds are latex with plastic surrounds to hold the moulds in shape whilst they set (vg quality), except the sun and the celtic cross, which are plastic moulds (also good quality!!).

Moulds available:

  1. Cherub (6 inches high x 1 foot long)

  2. Large Tortoise

  3. Small Tortoise (4 moulds in one set)

  4. Buddah (1 foot high)

  5. Celtic Cross

  6. Sun (for hanging on wall)

  7. Floral Tealight holder

  8. Aztec Pot

  9. Floral Pot

  10. Rectangular Planter (15" L x 8" W)

  11. Large Mushroom/Toadstool (1 foot high) - 3 different styles.

  12. Large Mushroom shape with Father Christmas face on top.

  13. Large Mushroom with smiley face on top.

  14. Small mushrooms (4 different kinds) (8" high)

  15. House number plaque holder.

  16. Cat

  17. Seal

  18. Two wall plaques - birds around a birdbox

We're looking for around 900-1000 Euros for the lot.

I didn't put this down as an article for sale, but on the general discussions board, because I hope it will inspire someone who was not necessarily looking to go into the garden ornament trade!

Gill :0)

Hi Ross,

We're in Creuse, on the borders of Haute Vienne 23/87 (23340)

Gill :0)

Hi, where abouts are you? Sounds quite a good idea.