But we have a fruit that's a aphrodisiac in Mauritius too!

Sorry to have upset you, I saw humour as light and witty, and aphrodisiac as 'a substance that increases sexual desire' therefore my previous interest in your post, my mistake entirely I apologize.

I'm sorry that I upset you Dominique, but the modern Oxford dictionary's definition of a forum is " an Internet site where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings; a message board."

I suppose really I should have discussed something less gross like David Cameron, Syria, Jimmy Savile or Paul O'Grady's "For The Love Of Dogs".

I'm sorry to hear about your humorousectomy but, I'm afraid that if you are treated with it before you are twelve, it's likely to be terminal. Maybe there is a slight hope though, because the only clue I gave to my bicycleshedamia was in the title, but you couldn't help but have a peek, even though you probably guessed that "aphrodisiac" isn't some disease that effects green flies!

Nevertheless, I wish you a Happier New Year. XX

Love it......Don't ever stop making us laugh Bruce :)

This is gross, not really funny and I assume you are over 12 so willys jokes??? besides, I thought this was a forum, why don't you have a blog somewhere? Like behind the bicycle shed?