Butane Gas

Yes probably but he seems to have folded to 21 year old, lady who lives with our friend. But she is bilingual having gone to school in France from age 6.

Not sûre who has bought a gaz bottle recently but I did last week. My normal IM bottle has been €19 for years. Last week it was €25!!

What size is it @toryroo ? I’ve been paying about 30 euros for ages but it’s not one of the teeny bottles…

I noticed that Clairgaz seemed a lot cheaper at Leclerc than all of the other suppliers and getting a new bottle is only 5 Euros (plus gas) to start the contract. The gas seemed to be 10-15 euros cheaper per bottle.

It is the big one - 10kg - the normal size. Intermarche is significantly cheaper than any of the others. I think we paid something like €33 for a blue one (Butagaz?) of the same size.

Think they are 13kg, last one bought was e33 but that was 4 months ago

Not the intermarche brand though at that price??

Yes, Butagaz from Intermarche.

On 17/9 when I last bought gas 13kg Clairgaz was 27.90€

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Swap to the beige ‘Intermarche’ brand much cheaper than the blue Butagaz!

My last IM one was around then, or perhaps earlier in the summer and was still €19. €25 last week!

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Empty bottles are 13Kg but filled I think they weigh 24kg….

I’m not exactly weak but I did find trying to lift a 24kg bottle into the boot of my car quite a struggle so am now happy to pay a little more for delivery…

Plus I never enjoyed handling metal in the cold :grinning:

It’s enough for me to tackle carrying a 24kg bottle from my barn to the house and then wrestling it into place on the butane gas heaters….it usually involves several stops and guiding it along on top of my welly…

My butane bottles are delivered by these…


That’s why we have gone over to Viseo - 16/17kg. Much easier.

I try to get my gas bottles from Intermarche in the morning when the nice strong chap is on duty and he puts it into the car for me :smiley:

That reminds me - when my partner’s Mum started to get frail but was extremely active, we helped her in her search for a replacement car and found a small Hyundai which was very similar to my Citroen Berlingo in that the hatchback opened onto a flat bed so there was no sill to the “boot”. That meant (for her) that she could smile at the young lads at the garden centre who who put her bags of potting compost in for her and then when she got home, she positioned her wheelbarrow behind the car and rolled the compost bags into it. That process worked very well for her for a long time and it was upsetting forme when I couldn’t get a flat-bed replacedment for my Berlingo when it died…

We did a trip with the small trailer, just last week… with 3 empty bottles.

the lady from Carrefour inspected our load.
Each bottle bore a different colour and “name/maker?” and she firmly told me that they could not swap “wrong/different bottles”… so we were in luck that all 3 varieties were in stock… phew.

3 x 13kg various coloured butane bottles @ 34,90€
All at the same price, despite each being different…

So, I’m happy, we’ve 2 happy elderly neighbours and I’ve one exhausted elderly OH… :rofl: :rofl:

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My local Intermarché has the automated system. It doesn’t care what brand of empty bottle you put back into the cage as long as weight is right.

I buy the cheapest 13kg cylinder going as I can’t spot any difference in how the gas hobs they feed burn.

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This system is available… and we have used it in the past.
Sadly those cages are only full of “Empties”… and have been so for quite some time.

Carrefour have no say over when those cages will be refilled… 'tis in the lap of the gods apparrently.

thankfully, they do have their own section, which was refilled last week… and the chap on the end of the phone was obviously relieved to be able to tell his mad English client… that YES… we’ve gas… come and get it. I’d been phoning him each day since the week before, as we and neighbours were getting twitchy about our gas supplies running out in mid-cook.

Yes, we should have got the empty replaced yonks ago… but it kept being overlooked.

I now keep 2 full spares having had 2 run empty within an hour of each other before.

Luckily, both the local shops sell gas. One of which is even open on Mondays!


I keep two full spares as well :smiley: I thought it was just me being belt and braces and extra piece of string…


We went back and got another bottle… just in case. I’m trying to cut down on using the electric oven, by cooking more on the hob… :+1:

so now we have 2 spares as well…


We’ve got 4 of the larger bottles, 1 at least with gas in, lined up at the end of the house from the days many years ago when we had a gas stove and water heater. I offered to ‘sell’ them back to the company but the money they offered was silly, so they are still there. Really should re-locate them, if we set fire to the house the display could be quite spectacular. :rofl:

Also 4 of the little rounded ones, 2 given and 1 spare, for the heater in the Teardrop caravan that I towed around delivering dogs. :smiley:

Whoops, just noticed the thread title, all those are propane, of course. Wouldn’t work in winter obviously.