Buy now, pay later

Just had a message from ELeclerc

“Shop this weekend…10,11,12 December and your cheque won’t be debited to your Bank until 4th February 2022.”

I’m wondering if too many folk will grab this opportunity and find themselves in the mire come February…

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Stella I am sure there will be. My line of thinking is if I dont have the amount then dont buy . I have never had anything on “tick” and saved for everything.


I was taught to be thrifty from childhood… and only went “wild” once… when as a Mum I felt my family deserved a decent Christmas, so I bought them what they wanted… using my credit card to its limit…

Good grief… it took me 2 long years to pay that lot off… and I’ve never again been so silly.

I am aware that many folk might genuinely need the space this “offer” gives them, to buy essentials…
but fear that too many will be splashing out on presents… it’s so easy to get carried away.

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I think it is a disastrous approach and does nobody any favours.

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I get asked to give credit at the end of every month, people seem to think it’s normal and are narked when I refuse : “je suis commerçant ; je fais du commerce, y’a des banques si vous avez besoin de crédit !” :rofl:


Same here, except for mortgage. It’s the way I was brought up. This has recently created an issue with the UK Government Gateway. I wanted to check my state pension, and the old website has been removed and rolled into the One Website to Rule Them All ™ Government Gateway. Unfortunately, to validate my identity, I was told that they would do a credit check to check against the UK addresses I gave them. Trouble is I have no credit record and so am told I can’t register successfully. The only other option I was given was to have a phone with NFC with which I could scan the chip in my passport. I’m not going to go out and spend money on a a phone I don’t need just to be able to access my pension details.