Buyers furniture

Our house is sold in the fact the 10 day cooling off period has passed and due to complete in 6 weeks. As we will not be in France when that happens having done a power of attorney with the Notaire. The buyer has asked if we can take some of her furniture to put in the house whilst we are still there, which for us is no problem and less for her to move on the days as her buyers are moving in on the completion date. She will not have access to the house between when we leave and the sale completes so quite happy with this arrangement. It is a cash sale not mortgage etc required. Anyone see any problems?

Whose insurance will cover these items?


At the buyers risk

Had that in England and turned into a licence for the seller to leave what they liked.

Ours is the other way around the buyer is putting her furniture in our house not leaving it, but thank you for your reply

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We left stuff in the barn of the house we were buying 2 weeks before the completion date.