Buying a barn attached to my property

The neighbouring property to my french home has a barn that is attached to one of my barns. I would like to purchase this barn as it currently is unused and without a roof.
My question is , how difficult is it to purchase part of an estate and does the notaire still charge the same rate as purchasing a house.
Thanks for your help.

It will cost something to separate out the properties, as this barn is likely to be part of another parcel of land which will have to be divided.

Apart from that, lots of sites will estimate costs of notaire fees

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Not only the notaire’s fees but the services of a géometre may be required - and they don’t come cheap!

I think you should prepare yourself for the situation where the minimum fee charged by the notaire may actually be more than the price to be paid for the dilapidated barn.
Probably best to compare fees charged by different local notaires before proceeding.

Yes, we recently bought a tiny strip of land 8m wide and the fees were 3 times the cost of the land. Plus géomètre fees of course.

I thought that the notaries fees may make the plans prohibitive but I didn’t know about the Geometre.
I’m not sure whether the neighbour wants to sell but I thought I better check before I made an offer.
I hope one day to find something that is cheaper in France apart from the wine​:joy::joy::joy:

the key is to find out if the barn is on its own parcel of land. For instance my half of a barn is on its own plot but the other half owned by my neighbour isn’t.
So for me to buy his half was going to cost €600 for the geometre to legally split his land so he can sell the barn.
For me to sell my half was much easier as it was just €200 for the notaire fees.
Hope that helps,

Unfortunately their barn is part of the main plot including their house. I think i will wait until we are more accustomed to each other before i broach the subject.