Buying a boiler first time in France - brands/types you'd avoid /. recommend?


Busy doing a total house renovation, and it's plumbing time. My plumber wants to charge me 550 euros for a boiler, but won't explain why it costs that much when they are 150 euros upwards in Bricodepot. It's a straightforward electrical boiler, just for hot water (bathroom, kitchen)- no heating system would be attached to it. So I may just buy it myself. This will be the first time in my life, never mind in France, that I've bought one so I'd love to avoid fatal flaws!

1) Am I being unreasonable?

2) Are there any features to definitely make sure are included, or any brands or types to avoid?

It's challenging doing a renovation on your own in a new country, as some of you will know, so I'd greatly appreciate any comments that help me make the best possible decision - and soon. Thanks!

Contact Michael or Vicky Swan at Tell them you budget and needs, say I said to tell you to enquire. They are English but working within the French market, all over the country but importing generally far better installations than are available here but which are eligible under French legislation. A few SFN people will endorse this advice, in fact they are members but not frequent users as well.

sorry error - It is a shame you do not have a plumber who will talk

Hello Suzanne,

I just compared a boiler at 110 euros with one at 355 euros

The cheap one heats water for one tap and has to be placed above or below the sink

The expensive one can be put in several places.

power 1200 watts cheap or 2000 watts for the expensive one

one serves one tap the other serves 2 to 3 people

One has a guarantee, the other not.

Choice of 10 litres or 75 litres capacity

Time taken to heat to 40°: 15 minutes or with the bigger one to 50°C : 2h36

In my opinion, you would be buying an elaborate electric kettle if you paid 110 euros and if my plumber recommended a more expensive one, I would probably take his advice. And on the basis of a straightforward comparison between 110 and 355 euros, the price does not look over the top. I do find it a shame that you have a plumber who is willing to speak with you though.

Référence NJ16674
Capacité (en litre) 10
Type de pose Sur ou sous évier
Dimension Hauteur : 347 / Largeur : 340 /
Profondeur : 291
Puissance électrique (W) 1200
Résistance thermoplongée
Anode en magnésium
Temps de récupération A 40°: 15 minutes
Idéal pour 1 point d'eau
(évier, lavabo)
Accessoires inclus Vanne de sécurité
manchons électrolytiques
attaches murales
prise électrique
Voyant de fonctionnement oui
Pression maxi de fonctionnement (BAR) 8 bar
Tension électrique (V-Hz) 230-50
Longueur de câble 1,50 mètre
Poids rempli (en kg) 16
Garantie 2 ans
pièces en stock
SAV en France
Référence NJ16709
Capacité (en litre) 75 Litres
Type de pose Mural, au sol , au plafond
Position Horizontale
Dimension Diamètre : 505mm / Longueur : 740mm / Profondeur : 515mm
Puissance électrique (W) 2000W
Résistance Thermoplongeur (Blindée)
Anode En magnesium
Temps de récupération A 50°C : 2h36
Idéal pour 2 à 3 personnes
2 points d'eau
Tension électrique (V-Hz) 230V Mono
Type de courant Electrique
Informations générales 147 litres d'eau fournie à 40° pour un appareil reglé à 65°C
Poids rempli (en kg) 102 Kg (environ)
Garantie 5 ans sur cuve / 2 ans éléments électriques et pièces amovibles