Buying a car - all you need to know!

Or rather, some of it!

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Really nice article @cat thank you.

Wondering if ANTS allows vehicles to be transferred with a British licence? Still no resolution for British licence exchange to French licence. Hard to imagine Nantes will be able to process all by 1st January next year.

Wil you be writing the tradespeople article mentioned as the following one too?

It will be with you soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Your articles are very good Catherine. The trades people one will be interesting. I’ve had two plumbers (competent and reasonable) disappear and electricians are impossible to find. I was watching TV this evening and these people advertised so I even thought I might give them a go.

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From my experience in February 21, if you’re importing a UK car to France then your driving licence has no bearing on the import process.


It’s been mentioned elsewhere on here that you can use ANTS to transfer a vehicle if you have a UK licence. Plenty on here have done it. Try searching some key words and see what comes up.
Izzy x

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Hi Karen,
Your driving license has no bearing on importing a véhicule to France. You must have a license to be the titulaire on a carte grise but that is all.
Who knows whether there will be changes down the road, but in any case, your UK license is valid until the end of the year.

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Great article, Cat, but the certificate de cession is no longer a 3 part form, just 2 parts now.


Thanks Damaris, Irene, Brian.

I think I put it badly, what I’m actually worried about is buying a French car in France from 1st Jan 2022 if licence swop has not fed through by then. Bearing in mind they haven’t actually agreed the process yet…

If, between now and next year, there is a formal statement saying UK licenses are no longer accepted, then obviously that will be a problem. To be honest with you, having followed the Embassy thread, I don’t think there will be an issue so I’m working on a ‘don’t worry until you need to’ theory.