Buying a Caravan

Hello, I hope that I am asking this question in the correct group. I am in the process of wanting to buy a caravan. I cannot afford to spend much money, and have found that in in France I will be lucky if I can buy a caravan younger that 30 years old. However, I was thinking of widening my search to Belgium, Holland and England.

My problem is that I have never owned a caravan and don’t know anything about the legal issues. for instance, I have just imported my Laguna, and although it took a while I managed it without any problems, but I do not know what I need to do with a caravan. I have also been told that if the caravan is under a certain weight that different rules apply.

If anyone could possibly tell me the rules and regulations on a caravan, and then also what is needed to be done if I do choose to buy outside of France, I would very much appreciate it. Also there is a possibility I could buy a caravan in France but it is from England and has not been importanted.

Sorry about the long winded question, and hope that it makes sense.

I hope to hear from someone soon.

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Hi Jo, I have been looking into it, and have found the following. If the van is under 500 in weight you do not need to register it. However it will be amost impossible to find a van under this weight, possibly a trailer tent, but very unliekly a van. If you are using your fan with an English car on holiday you do not need to register it, only if you plan to import it here, which means that you are going to have it here for over 6 months. However, I think that if you are just going to leave it in your field, you really don’t need to worry, only if you plan to tour with it. However, I have also been advised that it is very hard to import a caravan that is not practically brand new, and have been advised against it. I want the van to turn into a mobile salon, so it will need to be road legal, and obviously of a size that will definately be over 500. So my only option is to buy a French caravan that is already registered here, or find an english one that has already been imported. I did import my car and did not have too many problems, but have been advised that it is far more complex to import a caravan, and to not even think about a motorhome. I am sorry that my message is not more posative, but personally if you want a caravan to be used on the roads here and you are going to use it with a French registered car, I would seriously consider buying a French caravan, or an imported one the same as me. I do hope that my answer is of a little help. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Donna did you find out how much this all costs yet? I looked at the link and it seems extrememly complex and costly but no figures are mentioned.

I was considering importing a caravan myself for travelling and working with, but now I’m wondering whether or not to bother. I imported 2 with no trouble, when I first moved here 5 yrs ago, with no paperwork, towed by my English van, but they went straight to my field near the river and are used as a spare room and a workshop, so are not for road-use. I had no idea they were supposed to be registered.

What do EU holiday makers do? they cant go through all that bother just for a holiday, surely?

Hello Zoe,
That was a great help thank you.
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I have found this on another site that I use regularly:

I hope that helps!