Buying a flat - first division of the property

We have started the process of buying a first floor flat which comes with a ground floor garage and patio. Underneath the flat are four small studios. Te property was originally one owner, who is now dividing up the building and the services. My question is - is this a pretty standard process done in a standard way, or are there pitfalls that we should be aware of.

The standard process done in the standard way would be to have a “petit copropriété” if there are any common areas between the flats, like a staircase, hallway or basement storage. Which is to say that each flat would have rights over any common parts and there should be a document setting out responsibilities for the roof, maintenance of facades, drains, insurance etc etc. You should be able to see before purchase, and know what estimated the annual cost is.

Most coprops also have a syndic, ie a management company, that handles all the common issues and is appointed by the residents.

So first question is whether the flat is being sold as part of a “copropriété avec ou sans syndic”? Small groups of flats are sold without syndics but if this is the case I would want to look it great detail at how things like building insurance, handling of disputes, common services, access etc are to be handled. If not clear this could be a nightmare.

And if it is not being sold as part of a copropriété (which is rare as there is usually some bit of the building in common) then also ask questions - how will the eventual maintenance of the roof or facade be carried out, building insurance etc.

Wow, that’s a really helpful reply - thanks.

Maybe a trip to your notaire might help ?