Buying a French property - insurance requirements

Buying a French property can be a fraught process. Even if everything goes to plan, you will probably find yourself worrying about the different stages in the process, simply because things are done differently, and of course, completing a large financial transaction is always stressful.

Throw in some language difficulties, French legal requirements and the inevitable delays and you have a recipe for disaster!

Anything you can do to minimise the stress is bound to be a good idea and using a recommended English speaking broker to arrange your legally required property insurance cover is very sensible.

SF’s resident insurance expert @fabien can provide house insurance which is fully compliant with the Notiare’s requirements when you are purchasing your new French home. Yes, this is just a regular policy but being able to deal with it all in English and with an English speaking team makes life a lot simpler during a period which is bound to be stressful enough on its own!