Buying a French registered LHD car in the UK and bringing it to France

Hi everyone,

If I buy a French registered LHD car in the UK and bring it with me when I move to France, will I be able to register it in my name in the UK before leaving and get it insured? I have read that it can only be done in France using a notaire? We do not have French residency (we are British) is this something that could be a problem registering a French car.

My husband and I are moving to France from Mallorca and need a cheapish car to get us going in France. In Spain, you need residency to buy and register a car, but they are very expensive here and we have a had a work vehicle for the last two years and managed to avoid it.

So, I am now looking at LHD cars in the UK as a viable option, so would hugely appreciate any advice.

Ok, I will stop and let someone answer (hopefully)!

Thanks in advance,
Mo x

Not in the uk,not really in france unless you are a resident, but there are ways around it but you do need proof of address. A notaire is not involved. You might be better to get a LHD UK car and reregister in france once settled

Hello Mo

Seems to me you had better read some of the Threads in Cars/Motoring/Insurance and get an idea of the experience of other folk…

No idea where you have hit on the Notaire as being involved.

As Mark suggests, better to buy LHD in UK with UK registration and certificate of conformity etc etc…

French Registered cars sold in UK do not always have the correct French paperwork… and this can cause problems here in France.

As I say… take a moment to read the Threads…

Do not buy a French registered car anywhere except from a French garage unless the seller has their name on the Carte Grise.

Hi Mark,
Ok, thanks very much for the info, much appreciated. I had started to lean that way so thanks for eludating things. Mo x

Hi Mo,

Friends of ours bought LHD in UK . After a few months they had clutch and brake system fail (car not drive-able) with an estimate to fix from a French garage of €1,500 . The UK garage where they purchased only offered £250 towards costs.

Definitely buy here if you can.

The are good UK companies that specialise in lhd cars, knowing the regulations too. I bought one from the lhd place in Basingstoke. They know their stuff. Did a full service including change of cambelt and had all the correct paperwork. I bought the car in 2015 and it is still going strong, having sailed through two CT’s here.