Buying A MotorHome

We are in the process of finding a used motorhome/camper van/camping-car and have a couple of questions.

How or where to we check to ensure the vehicle does not have any outstanding loans ?

Do we give the owner a cheque and drive away with the vehicle?

What does he or she give us - a title?

Is there any tax (VAT, etc) due?

Thanks for any help - much appreciated

Thanks, that's what I thought ! In my case because I had the dealer carry out the re immatriculation for me I did not receive any documents other than the new C.G , no C.T because the Camper was less than 4 years old.

Yes, Roger, - from memory (bought and sold a number of times) that's what's called the certificat de non gage referred to here as the certificat de situation administrative ;-)

Must admit that I took the lazy route and part of the deal was the registration of the Camper and its associated costs.

Am I right in thinking that the 'Certificate administrative' is the declaration of any outstanding loans secured on the vehicle or of dual ownership not declared on the C.G?

No Tax due if the Vehicle is genuinely second hand i.e. has been registered for more than six months and has done a reasonable mileage. Even if imported from within the EU.

Thank you Andrew. Great information. :))

All the standard paperwork needed as for the sale/purchase of any motor vehicle, have a look here for more info.

Bonne route ;-)

Thank you Catharine! I'll message him.

Dear Jo

I know nothing about motorhomes but I know that Roger Thomas has bought a couple here in France and will probably be able to help. He is not always on SFN these days so I would send him a message in case he doesn't see your post.

Good luck!