Buying a new car from e-motors

Doestrogen anyone have experience of buying. New car from e-motors who a located nerve Tries?‘

A French friend who changes his car regularly, buys higher spec ex=demo cars from Germany. Drives them across the border and when he's ready registers here in France. Every time he has come away with a much higher specification model than if he bought locally to off the internet.

Might be worth a internet troll and see what you find.

Friends last car was a Lexus and he paid €4,500 less than the same available in France. One before that, he tells me, was a Mercedes B Class at more than €6,000 off the retail price. He maintains that car dealers in Germany are as desperate to sell cars anywhere so cash is good. He is also starting to look further into eastern Europe where the models are identical but for example, he is on the phone telling me, he has found a E class Mercedes 220 for the same price as a Renault Laguna.

Yes sorry, my husband was using his tablet while we were out at lunch. We won't do that again. It should have read - does anyone have any experience of buying a new car from e-motors near Troyes? Any feedback very welcome. Thanks

Doestrogen. Is that a hitherto undiscovered hormone? I think you mean e-motors at Troyes.

Google Translate failed me this time, sorry.

looks like your spell check went Awol Alison, or like me you are using an iPad with dead flat screen, which does funny things with autosuggest or perhaps Apple USA doesn’t like English spelling on iPads. I miss my PC proper keypad! sorry can’t help with your question.