Buying a turkey in southwest france

I'm longing for a proper Thanksgiving, being American, and my British and French friends wouldn't mind experiencing one as well, but I have no idea where to buy a turkey. Anyone know of a source?

One friend said the only way is to buy one at Christmas and keep it til now, but I am having trouble believing it's that difficult to find a whole turkey!

thanks for any help.

I ordered it from ATAC, and it came without giblets, even though it was a label Rouge!
I have been told that a butcher in a neighbouring village does larger ones.

oh Jane, of course, I had forgotten about the size of my oven...oops, I think I could fit a 12-15 pounder, but where? where did you try to buy one?

That' s strange David, because we have huge turkey legs here in Cluny, but when I tried to buy a large turkey for Christmas I was only able to buy one for eight people, which is how they sell them.

Long gone are the days when ovens were rated by the size of turkey you could get in them!

I guess like most Americans the turkeys have got bigger since the first Thanksgiving.

oh, thanks for the advice, and the laugh! Was just looking at a Leclerc ad for pintadeau on sale at the end of this week...think I will do that...good idea. I must tell you though, that the wild turkeys I've seen in the forests of the US were pretty damn big!

Judging by the bits of fresh turkey available in our local Super U it would appear that the South West of France is inhabited by a race of turkeys of about the same size as tyrannosaurus rex. Just ask your local boucherie for a dindon prete à cuire. Altenatively buy a couple of pintadeau or guinea fowl and enjoy a bird which is probably about the same size as the original turkeys enjoyed by the Pilgrim Fathers and certainly tastier than the enlarged beasts that pass for turkeys these days. They certainly won't be butterballs but they will be good.

It might be worth asking this man. With plenty of notice he may be able to supply one or find out where you can get one.