Buying Agricultural Land next to our House - Process?

We want to buy the field behind our property, to continue with its current use as a field. No other plans for it. The purchase is to prevent its use for other purposes should it be sold in the future.
The area is less than 2,000sq m so well below the size requirement for involvement of SAIFER.
It is half the land of the cadastre in which it sits.
Is the process simply:-
Agree price with vendor.
Contact Notaire and tell him of plans.
Notaire draws up paperwork
All sign and payment is made.

Because its only half the cadastre, I assume it would need a new reference. Does the Notaire deal with that or someone else?

Thank you for your input.


Talk to your secretaire de Mairie. As well as what you have mentioned, you will probably need to get a geomètre in to do the bornage.


You will need a géometre. Probably same amount as cost of land.

But is it for sale as ahalf plot?

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I agree about the géometre. We did exactly what you are doing 3 or 4 years ago. We agreed where the boundaries would go with the current owner and shoved a few indicative poles in. I think the notaire may have contacted the géometre but we certainly paid for it. They came along and put proper bornes at the corners of the new plot. Easy process but took a while as most things like this do.

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Hello @JaneJones . The other half of the cadastre plot goes behind the next door neighbours house, who is the owner of the full plot. So we dont really want to buy land behind another house, even if it were for sale.

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But will they sell half? Our experience was that the owner didn’t want the land divided and wanted to sell all or nothing as v small plot less appealing. Took years to negotiate but we eventually got to buy the strip we wanted.

As half the land is directly behind their house, I would be pretty sure they will want to divide the plot so they retain that bit for the existing chickens and sheep.

We thought once of doing this but the owner - our neighbours, would not entertain it. We gave up the idea. We tried it elsewhere and the owner thought we were trying to sell our land to him… translation issues, we had poor French in those days. We beat a hasty retreat.

We’d been talking about it with the farmer who owned the field for years and years but he only decided to sell us a bit when he retired!

Have you asked them?

Yes. Waiting outcome

Fingers crossed for you!

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My experience, of 25 years ago, was pretty much as set out in the first post.
We did get a geometre in and he quoted 3,000 FF I think, about 300 quid, but never sent us a bill even though he did the job and I used his bornes to place my fence.
A year or so later I went to his office in the next town and enquired when would we get the invoice, quite prepared to give him a cheque there and then, but he waved me away saying ‘wait for the bill’.

I am still waiting for it. :joy:


No problem, I can remind him again for you. :innocent:

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The sale of our house last year involved the purchase by our buyer of a strip of land within our garden that we didn’t own, total cost including geometre and Notaire’s fees was 3500 euros (land was 480 euros).

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Wow! Thats a big uplift on the land cost.

Our costs were similar for an 8 metre strip. We had to pay both buyer and seller notsire fees.

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The geometre’s and Notaire’s costs are pretty much fixed no matter how large or small the size of the land.

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