Buying And Selling

Dear Gite owners,

Selling or Buying?

I am new here but as far as I know it is permissible to promote a service that is on topic and as long as I dont include a link?

I am a campsite owner but formerly a mountain hotel owner ( French Pyrenees ).

I also have a website which is free to use for those who wish to advertise small tourist businesses for sale, the name of the website is BuyMyDreamHotel it has significant reach into this specialist market we are for instance on page one of google uk for 'gite for sale' being specialist means Google recognises us in this field because we try to be good at only one thing. Best thing is that it is free.

The owners of BuyMyDreamHotel are former computer specialists, then hoteliers and now campsite owners - we write and develop the site ourselves line by line - no templates or customisable web-kits. We have just included exciting features such as panaromino options on google maps (show off the entire location via photos not just your business) and facility for Youtube video embed - use your iphone or ipad and you could shoot, simple edit and upload a Youtube video in minutes.

Those who choose to use the Google map option will also be able to take advantage of our next project which is to use map information to provide "another similar business to this one within 20km? click here!" - this means that your advert would of course divert some buyers to another business opportunity but you get the reciprocal thing in return - their advert would alert buyers to your advert - we believe everyone will get benefit from this but it will be optional.

I have to add that we do stipulate that the business must have a reasonable CA and be capable of supporting a family - it must also be running and generating income, we cannot accept adverts for projects or buildings that have 'gite potential'. In most cases advertisers are required to privately show us their website and reasonable proof that they are the owners of the business. We are not intrusive and we fully understand client confidentiality but we did once have a spoof advert and we aim to stop that happening again.

I hope this if of use to some and that this post was within site guidelines

All the best