Buying in Albi

Hi everyone
Im Nivarna and am in the process of buying a house near Albi in the Tarn region. Have used this site intermittently and found it full of useful tips.So once sale done be prepared to be bombarded by me for all of your useful insights.
Kind regards

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Must be the week for it - we’re in the same position, also near Albi :slight_smile: and I posted a thread a few days ago. People have shared great gems so far - we can compare notes!

Welcome to Albi, I’m a couple of kms outside the town.
PM me , or ask publicly if you want to know anything.

Hi , Thank you so much… Thats eeally kind of you. I have fallen in love with the area. Hopefully , in before summer close down. I know nothing moves that much in France, July and August.
Best Wishes,x

Hi there. That would be good. Very excited, am sure you the same.
Kind regards,x

Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your purchase, I hope it all goes smoothly!

Why do you like Albi? I have not visited there.

When you visit the town your question will be answered.


I love it because it is so historical, with its beautiful cathedral. Equally, love the views over the River Viaur. It combines old-world with the new. Without being too masdive to enjoy.

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Thank you.x

We have been trundling around in our camping car for a few days and having seen this topic thought we should call in to Albi and see what all the fuss is about.
What a beautiful town and what a lot of bricks!!

Well done Albi for providing a free camping car site within easy walking distance of the centre. We will be exploring the town again in the morning.

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Hi John , I can see the cathedral from my house.

It is a lovely place to live with all the services you need literally on the doorstep.

The cathedral is a must visit and you will like the Toulouse Lautrec museum in thé Palais just next door.
Just opposite is the Église St Salvy with the cloisters adjoining.

Lovely town, so glad I moved here.


I live near Castres so Albi is about 30 mins away. Love it and the Cathedral is just beautiful. Lots of nice shops and restaurants. Hope the move goes well.

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I like Castres too but it’s a different climate down there.
We often go for picnics in the Sidobre.

Yes, Albi is a great place with easy to get to shops et .

Good choice, not a bad place :wink:, which quartier? I’m just up the road (see Emmaj’s post) and the vallée du viaur is a couple of kms from my house :grin: