Buying LHD vehicles

Happy New Year Everyone. I’m jogging alone well in France, which has predominately been down to sound advice I get from SF. Thank you.
Condundrum: I have to return my motability car to uk when it was confirmed before I left in October 2019 that I wouldn’t need to return it until 30th November 2020!! As usual the left and right hand haven’t a clue what they are doing in Gov Benefit Depts. Yes, I’m asking for a reconsideration but to be honest I am loving living with out these stress and unreliability of anything coming out of the UK so want to get rid and leave the car on Eurotunnel…joking, perhaps Dover Docks! I just want to move on and not have to wait for UK to make up their mind. I think it’s called taking some control back in my life.

So…where to buy? Spending many hours looking for affordable “occasion” in Europe and UK but to be honest I’ve never bought anything of this magnitude from a website. Word has it France “occasion” more expensive. Delivery of cars from any other part of Europe either very expensive or can’t do.

As I’ve been house hunting, I’m seeing properties where many are Brits going back…so I thought perhaps this was a way to go if the vehicles aren’t going back with them…Leboncoin proved useless. EtcEtc no joy. Many websites based just online as web portals for professional or private sales, and of course UK and French ebay. Very few LHD websites in UK.

Any ideas and /or experiences you could all share?

I have a friend who has bought via this broker recently with a large discount:

Given where you are currently living Jilly, a number of Brits (including us) living around these parts find Auto’16 in Fontafie a really great service.
The owner is as honest as the day is long and will provide you with an honest view on what to buy.
For example, when our old Opel finally expired he went the extra mile to find us possible suitable replacements. Eventually, he found us a year old Seat Ibiza registered in Spain. He imported it to France and re-registered it for us so there was no drama (particularly important to us as I was due to be admitted to Bordeaux for a triple bypass operation).
He made the whole thing hassle free and really looked after us.
I have no hesitation in recommending you at least go to chat with him. Even if you find a car privately, he will check it over for you.


Excellent. Will give it a go. Thank you. X

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Graham thank you so much. Will pop as long on Friday

The person to see is Olivier - the office is at the far end of the building up the access ramp.
He doesn’t speak English but is very patient.
Not sure about your French language abilities but if you need Vanessa to help, just let us know.

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