Buying on-ligne and Bank "Liste Blanche"?

Just received an email from Zooplus about “La Directive européenne DSP2 (directive sur les services de paiement)”. Saying that they will be tightening up their security procedures around online purchases and that they will need a mobile phone number to send me a code to “prove” I am the purchaser. Unless, that is, (if I have understood correctly) I add their name to my bank’s “Liste Blanche” assuming they have one.

Pour effectuer d’autres paiements chez zooplus sans avoir à vous authentifier à chaque fois, vous avez la possibilité d’ajouter zooplus à votre liste blanche, qui recense les bénéficiaires de confiance et qui sera conservée par votre banque. Vous pouvez vérifier auprès de votre banque si l’émetteur de votre carte le permet.

Has anyone come across this? I’m not sure I can face CA (since I’m sure it will have to be done face to face) since the last time we tried to do anything like this - ie set up a new virement - our accounts where blocked for 2 weeks!!! Can anyone reassure me that this is worth doing?

I personally would be cautious about adding someone like that to a banking “whitelist” and far rather go along the route of a code to verify you are indeed the purchaser.
The directive is a valid one and is being taken seriously by many UK banks too.
2 Step verification and authentication is explained here.

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What went wrong - ??

Hi Sue
I have this and the bank’s algorithm takes into account your spending history, That is why CA have only needed to send me a couple of times a verification code when shopping online, as the Algo recognises your normal shopping habits.
This is automatic I have never had to ask them to add a site on to my “white list”.

This says that “codes sent by sms” are being phased out, but there is nothing actually in place (as yet) to give the strong-authentification which is required… thus, sms codes remain in place…until such time…:thinking::roll_eyes: (don’t hold your breath)

We went in for something else - can’t remember what - and at the end of our meeting she said “Is there anything else I can help you with?” and I remembered that we’d been saying for ages I should have OH’s account as a virement on mine. His a/c has all the bills and it makes sense if I can move extra money across to him when he’s getting low. So we agreed that’s what she would do, put a new virement on my account. She said we would get new PINs. Heaven only knows why. What we didn’t realise was until the new PINS arrived our accounts were frozen. And the virement never did get set up on my account. So heaven only knows what she was doing. We’ve never dared try again!

I too get an occasional email with a verification code - sometimes yes, sometimes not needed. I would have thought that was sufficient.
I’m not sure having a code sent to a mobile phone is any more secure since if a thief snatches a bag they are likely to have card and phone. I suppose it’s more secure for cards that have been cloned.

I don’t think the Purchaser has to do anything at the moment… it will take months for the countries to get something set-up … it’s all in a whirl at the moment.