Buying two adjoining properties

We're contemplating buying 2 attached properties. They're currently being sold by a Brother & Sister separately, but were once one lot owned by the parents. The properties were split between the siblings when their parents died.

Question is....if we buy both properties, will we be liable for double taxes (habitation & fonciere)?

I bought one house in a terrace and 20 years later bought next door. There are blocked doorways between which I'm opening up. I went into the tax office in the local town and explained it all and there were no charges, no problems. I only get one tax bill, and it has not gone up yet because next door still counts as uninhabitable. The rule of thumb I was told is that it is habitable if you have a table and a bed.

If you decide to proceed, I would speak to a local geometre to get a quote for cost and process of making it one lot ... if this is your first purchase in France, I would get the vendors to do this ... and get the house reevalutated for Taxe Foncieres, habitation is calculated by family situation rather than property (i think) ... get them to do as much as possible so you go into this with as little to take on ... imho ... good luck

The notaire handling the sales can tell you what the taxes are today. If there are no buildings on the properties or if the buildings are unfurnished/unhabitable, there would be no habitation tax. Future taxes are partially dependent on how you develop the properties.

Buyer beware !!

Yes - but then you may find the sum of both equals the one 'combined' property anyway. You can always get your notaire to revert the properties back to one lot (easily said I know!).