By now we’ve all been vaccinated, cured and/or re-infected 🙄

I can’t quite work out if your reply was to me so apologies in advance if it wasn’t…

I remember people saying they had the worse cold ever in late 2020/early 2021 :thinking:

What I experienced in late 2019/early 2020 wasn’t a cold…it was a relentless cough…high temperature and difficulty breathing and it went on for 3 weeks or so…

So would that be capable of detecting T cells/ memory cells from getting on for 2 years ago…???

As I understand it (might be wrong) there is an innate response and an adaptive response…

It looks like the protein based novavax is being granted an EUA…:thinking:

Hi Helen, yes I was replying to you.

Several of my co-workers had similar symptoms to what you describe (amazingly I seemed to escape - my speciality is respiratory infections for weeks on end). Our director of R&D (German guy, mid 40s, very fit) was really ill for some weeks. We all screened ourselves with a serum antibody test about 4 weeks into lockdown and the only person who was a little positive for Covid was a young guy who had been asymptomatic and possibly picked it up at a Supergrass concert a couple of weeks before lockdown.

There were some really nasty infections going round then.

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Why is it assumed that outer fitness is anything to do with immune strength and inner health? Well known that exercise needs time to repair so immune system is compromised.
A large friend of mine, T2, 20 stone respiratory issues and high blood pressure contracted covid and was a bit ill for 10-12 days. We thought he would be a gonna. His member of staff is a gym bunny, very fit ill for 4 weeks including a hospital stay.

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Only to indicate the seriousness of the cold - not Covid.

Should I have mentioned he’s vegetarian too? :wink:


What’s T2….???

Type 2 diabetic?

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Thanks Adrian probably so….:grinning:

My mother would then be late onset T1….(and vegetarian)

I think it all goes to prove that there is no one size fits all


Well this is going to be interesting. Our grandson with whom we spent a couple of hours on Sunday morning, has covid, LFD result confirmed with followup PCR test. We’ve been contacted by Track’n’Trace and have PCR tests booked for this lunchtime.

I didn’t feel great on Wednesday and did a LFD test that evening (negative - I felt a little coldy - may even have had a mild cold) and now suspect this will be negative too, but much better to know. We’re double vaccinated, and we only met up out of doors so there’s every chance that no active infection has taken hold. This has, none the less, piqued my interest in the process.

The idea that because it’s unlikely to kill you you shouldn’t be worried about getting it is beyond crazy as 0000’s are still suffering from ‘long Covid’ which could last for years, but the biggest issue is that you may pass it on to someone who could die.

Anti-vaxxers are complete bastards IMHO.


My nephew is 40 years old and until early 2020 was a very fit prison officer. He got covid from his work and spent 8 weeks in hospital becoming seriously ill. Now he is back at work part time on light duties with no knowing if he will every return to his former excellent state of health.
I couldn’t agree more @tim17 with your opinion of antivaxers.


Again this idea that outer fitness has anything to do with inner immune system fitness. Plenty of top sports people have heart attacks at ages they shouldn’t have.

A large friend of mine, T2, 20 stone respiratory issues and high blood pressure contracted covid and was a bit ill for 10-12 days. We thought he would be a gonna. His member of staff is a gym bunny, very fit ill for 4 weeks including a hospital stay.

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Don’t hold back….! :grinning:

There’s a school of thought that suggests when we resort to insults we have already lost the argument….

If anyone has seen recent footage out of Australia from Daniel Andrews and Michael Gunner then it looks to me like not only are they displaying sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies but also that they are both on meth….:thinking:

I would hope that wasn’t true but jeez they are pretty scary and in hindsight I’m so glad that my son never made it to The Northern Territories….

Michael Gunner is currently calling in the military to transport a handful of the original people to quarantine camps…a bus may have been cheaper (I’m not going to use the term “aboriginal” as it suggests “abnormal”)

The term ‘first nations’ that they use in Canada gives a kinder feel to me.


Yes it does but Dr David E Martin discussing patents and anti trust and criminal felonies sort of makes the case against any “feel good” terminology….

There isn’t total agreement in the EU either….

What do we say to those escorted against their will to quarantine camps with double electrified fences….???

If the new Omicron variant makes people more sick - no news yet, there will I believe be increasing pressure on people to be vaccinated. It appears the patience of governments is wearing thin anyway with the Delta variant. For the latest from the good doctor Campbell
He’s not happy with delays in stopping flights into USA for ex. Countries need as much time as possible to prepare. I hope idiot Johnson will force mask wearing and other measures (plan B) here in UK soon. I would be more hopeful of being protected living in France.


My wife caught covid as a pharmacist before any protection was provided. That was Spring 2020. She’s still suffering long covid. One day to the next she doesn’t know how much energy she will have. Four mile walk one day and a sruggle to climb the stairs another day. I’ve lost patience with anti-vaxxers and for that matter people who don’t wear masks or respect social distance. Trouble is here in UK idiot in chief encourages idiocy.


I listen to Dr John Campbell every day and have lots of respect for him :heart:

Trying not to be pessimistic but where do we go when cv can shapeshift so effectively. It looks like a huge challenge knowing it takes just one person to act as a virus laboratory and enable evolution to something that can overcome defences. Fingers crossed there is still some protection against serious illness for those who see fit to be vaccinated. The person in which the mutations occurred were apparently in an unvaccinated individual - probably no vaccines available but it could have happened anywhere.